Life time warranty🇨🇭

Schnackyprogress guarantees all its products for life.

This warranty covers all manufacturing defects:

  • Stitching that breaks
  • Misassembled parts
  • Any other manufacturing error

Schnackyprogress reserves the right to decide on the nature of the defects, however, Schnackyprogress is obligated to be fair in its decision.

If the defect is confirmed, you may return the product to us at your expense, and we will repair the product to make it compliant. We will then return it to you by mail at our expense. The operation is not charged.

What is not covered by the lifetime warranty:

  • Zipper defects
  • Crooked stitching
  • Natural wear
  • Premature wear due to usage
  • usable products (depends on the fault)

If you have an issue that is not covered by the lifetime warranty, you can contact us at for a repair. We will gladly provide you with a quote.