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Duty belt over velcro®

Duty belt over velcro®

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It's a Velcro strap for a load-bearing belt.

Nowadays, we attach most of the equipment inside the belt—pockets, Thrue North pouches, etc., which tends to reduce the Velcro's grip on a belt that can't hold very well.

Another problem encountered is that on some belts, the Velcro tends to wear out quickly, especially when we use it multiple times a day.

With this system, you can properly secure your belt and obviously avoid prematurely wearing out the male Velcro.

The male Velcro isn’t too aggressive; it holds perfectly to your belt but will easily come off without needing to tug on it, thus prolonging the life of your under belt.

In the kit, there's a 130cm long strip that you cut to the right length and a small 10cm Velcro to help the Velcro stay in place where it doesn't hold well.

We recommend getting several extra Velcro pieces available individually in the store.

Length 1 m 30

You can cut it with a scissor

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