zipper for military use

In the law enforcement and military domains, we often use zippers extensively. The main brand utilized is YKK, which offers excellent durability at a low cost and high availability.


In fact, the discussion about the different types of zippers and their installation is relevant, especially in the fields of law enforcement and the military where the reliability of the equipment is crucial.

Zippers have two sides and can be opened from either. The traditional method is to place the teeth on the outside, which has been the norm for some time. However, another approach is to reverse them for a cleaner look, a trend adopted by many brands in recent years. Although this reversal may offer some additional protection to the zipper, its effect is not significant.

Regarding the installation of a zipper in one direction or the other, only the selection of the slider differs. Sliders are designed for one-way operation.

Now let's talk about sliders because while the direction of the zipper may seem less important, the choice of slider is actually crucial. There are two main categories of sliders: those that automatically lock if not pulled (ideal for preventing unintended openings) and those that have no locking mechanism (ideal for bags to be quickly opened in emergencies). We have long used the automatic locking version for our fanny packs, appreciating the security it provided. However, over time, we have been increasingly asked for the version without retention, which is why we no longer offer this type of slider on our products. For first aid bags, it is best to use those that do not lock, as this allows for quick opening of the pocket in case of an emergency.


Now let's address the controversial topic: the different types of pull tabs on sliders.

We mainly find four types:

1. Paracord pull tab
2. Plastic pull tab
3. Metal pull tab
4. Metal and paracord pull tab


  very bad

In the police and military environment, metal pull tabs are prohibited! For a simple reason: they make a lot of noise, which is one of the primary criteria when choosing a piece of equipment. To test this, you can take a pocket or any other piece of equipment, close your eyes, and shake it in all directions. Far too many brands claim to make duty gear without considering this detail for a second!

To solve this problem, you can take a pair of cutting pliers, remove the metal part, and replace it with a plastic pull tab (available in the shop) or a piece of paracord.

There are different types of metal pull tabs; the ones in the photo make a particularly loud noise. If you walk in a field at night, there's a good chance people will mistake you for a cow. We've used similar ones in the past on our fanny packs; they had a different design from the ones in the photo, moving only along one axis, so they made much less noise, especially with the braided plastic pull tab on them. We have only used them on our fanny packs.

we sell also YKK zipper here.

in conclusion be careful on which gear you buy.

Thank you for reading.

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