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The Summer dyneema 



For this summer, we are releasing a new version of the Summer Fanny. This version is inspired by the ultralight field and made from Dyneema Composite fabric, which is extremely resistant to abrasion, waterproof, and unbelievably lightweight.

This version of the Summer Fanny does not feature the orange inner lining to align more closely with the ultralight universe.

Inside this fanny pack, you'll find a thermoplastic compartment from Curve, along with two additional pockets on it. The Curve provides some rigidity and reinforces the Dyneema, which tends to tear at the seams. That's why for the construction of this fanny pack, we use a slightly larger stitch size for better durability.

Just like its classic model, this fanny pack features a magnetic buckle from Fidlock, which has proven itself over time on our numerous products.


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